Ontario jumped feet-first into online gaming legislation and announced that the first gaming platforms would see the light of the day at the beginning of 2022. However, based on the example of the neighbouring US, Canada is now worried that the launch of online gambling will result in a burst of betting advertisements.

Since Ontario’s online gaming market hasn’t become active yet, the state has nothing to worry about just yet. Still, with the arrival of the first sportsbooks and online casinos, the situation may turn completely upside-down.

Online gaming operators have used ads to attract players for years. The US is the best example of this practice, which became prevalent this year when many states finally said yes to online casinos and bookmakers.

Nevertheless, online gaming regulators in Ontario didn’t waste time and worked hard on drawing some basic rules for the upcoming legalization of web-based gaming. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is the regulating body in charge of online gaming, and the team managed to pack everything into a comprehensive Internet Gaming Go-Live Compliance Guide.

The guide contains the details vital for operators planning to join Ontario’s online gambling market. By reading the guide, operators will learn what criteria they must meet before launching their gaming sites. Also, the guide touches upon advertising and marketing rules operators have to follow, as well as the protection of minors from harmful effects of betting advertisements.

Be that as it may, this detailed guide doesn’t offer any specific limits when it comes to advertising in the online gaming realm. The AGCO hasn’t clearly defined the ad types, volume, timing, or channels on which the ads would be played, which means operators will be able to promote themselves to a degree they find appropriate.

The AGCO is aware that the lack of marketing limits in their guide may cause a surge of ads upon the launch of online gaming, but they believe they will be able to keep things under control and add additional rules if necessary.