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Marcus is an Editor at and is currently based in London, UK. Along with managing content across the site, he’s an expert in all things related to online casinos, with a particular personal interest in poker and blackjack.

Guy is a writer for with a keen interest and expertise in the online gambling space. He’s also an avid fan of football and cricket, often found lamenting the fortunes of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Daniel Bennett

As Editor-in-Chief, Daniel offers his expertise in all things gambling, contributing to a number of topics on, including our casino reviews and strategy guides. Daniel is also an avid sports fan, with a strong interest in NBA and Premier League betting.

Ben is a staff writer whose expertise extends to all areas of gambling, allowing him to contribute to a range of topics at – from individual casino reviews to strategy guides. Ben is also a huge sports fan with experience writing about football for a number of different publications.